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Travel to exotic destinations. Ukraine is exotic! Fun! Cheap and Safe!

So you want to travel somewhere where your friends have not? Well go to Ukraine! Where is Ukraine? It is the geographical centre of Europe (You will find the marker in the Carpathian mountains confirming this). It sits above the Black Sea and has Poland to the North and Russia to the East and Hungary to the West.


This blog is about my personal journey to Ukraine. It also advertises my travel business I set up. I moved from Australia to Ukraine because Ukraine is rapidly advancing, is safer and has new economic opportunities. I created a travel company with my wife Kristina, we called it Experience Ukraine Tours http://www.experienceukraine.com.ua because this is a wonderful country, we love it, and we want to share it with you. I have traveled all over the world, so I know what standards of hotels meet discerning travelers. I also love wild adventures, so I can cater for the independent tourist who wants to do something “different” such as staying in a smoky mountain shepherd hut and hand milking the cows and making cheese. The way it was do for centuries.  Or home slaughtering a pig, and making sausages “Kobasa” , or cooking Ukraine cuisine. Maybe you want to ski and visit Bukovel, Europe’s hottest skiing destination with nightclubs and restaurants on the lake and at end of Ski runs. Or just letting loose in Kiev’s best nightclubs. Ukraine has something for everything.

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