Our road trip in Ukraine. Go Lada Vaz!

We are the owners of Experience Ukraine Tours. Experience Ukraine Tours and decided to recreate every single one of our trips and tours to find the best hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants and sights  and experiences in Ukraine. We paid our $1000 US dollars and bought our Vaz 2101 1979, A Soviet Union copy of a Fiat. the 3rd most made car in the world. It seemed in pretty good condition. The grandson of the original owner refurbished it. We were on our way to Odesa Beach Ukraine!

We made the big mistake of using google maps on my iPhone and we wound through every back road through every obscure village in Ukraine. We got lost in some forest lol. We back tracked. We took the worst roads and we nearly went airborne, in fact we did and we bounced hard into a pot hole!

But we finally made it to Odesa beach! The water was so warm and we hired out a king size bed on the beach with privacy curtains and sipped cocktails and had food delivered by waiter. It’s so cheap, we paid $12 for the bed and spent about $20 on food and drink. We got up the next morning before sunrise and watched the sun rise. It was magical. Nobody around.



Now the Lada is rugged up for winter, under cover. We take a White Christmas tour in Ukraine Experience Ukraine Tours – Winter Tour . You can see the Bukovel ski resort,and see a traditional Christian Christmas. Icy conditions in Ukraine mean it is a little wild to go out on the road. I look forward to the 2017 road trip! To be continued…..


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